by Florence W. Deems

Category 2, continued

This category includes all Stinky Pinkies that have two syllables per word, loosely speaking. Some one-syllable words are sometimes pronounced as two syllables, which you will find below in some of the Stinky Pinkies.

Daffynition Stinky Pinky
An angry player who throws his racket during a Wimbledon game Tennis Menace
A spa on the moon might offer this service Spacial Facial
Excursion through a rear passageway Alley Sally
War Talk Battle Prattle
Ventral Grease Belly Jelly
Test lane Trial Aisle
Mete out bullion Measure Treasure
Hirsute defensive action Hairy Parry
Sheer emergence Tissue Issue
60-second instrument Minute Spinet
Pessimistic exhaling oxidation Sigher Fire
Avian veggie Parrot Carrot
Contained fruit Can 'a Banana
Elevated oxidation Higher Fire
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