by Florence W. Deems

Category 2

This category includes all Stinky Pinkies that have two syllables per word, loosely speaking. Some one-syllable words are sometimes pronounced as two syllables, which you will find below in some of the Stinky Pinkies.

Daffynition Stinky Pinky
Oxidation process containing less moisture Drier Fire
Premature termination of tennis game A Court Abort
Consumer of measures or measuring devices Meter Eater
Choral composition performed during burial service Plant 'em Anthem
Type of music J. S. Bach would write while eating yogurt Dannon Canon
Part of an icicle accidently lodged in a digit Winter Splinter
Composer of "the Miraculous Mandarin" discussing his Porsche Bartok Car Talk
Kissing-in-Vogue Passion Fashion
A group that sings for you and me Chorus for Us
Gradual deterioration of bar lines in modern music Meter Peter
Room for the Cosmos Soccer Locker
The group of church singers closer to the worshipers than the singers in the loft Nigher Choir
Angelic singers Higher Choir
The telephone company most likely to dance the bolero Ravel's Ma Bell
The yoke worn by "The Wayfaring Stranger" Mahler's Collar
Title of Egypt's last king, had he lived during the 1600s Baroque Farouk
Slang expression for the sentence: "The first man had them." Adam Had 'em
What Sidney Carton might have had "Great Expectations" of eating Dickens' Chickens
The conductor who balked at performing "Das Knaben Wunderhorn" could be called a: Mahler Staller
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