by Florence W. Deems

What on Earth Are Stinky Pinkies?

Nope! You're wrong if you guessed "smelly little fingers." This kind I mean consists of two rhyming words which are the answers to "daffynitions." When I was a kid, I remember sitting around the schoolyard at lunchtime (Louisville, KY) creating and sharing "Stinky Pinkies" with my friends. It was a great game, which adults can enjoy, too. So here are some I remember and some I made up as an adult. I've divided them up into three categories. This page concerns those which have only one syllable per word.

Daffynition Stinky Pinky
Stupid fruit Dumb Plum
American coon-skin-cap explorer's carvings on tree trunks Boone's Runes
Our satellite's bad guy Moon Goon
Spicy cooking equipment Clove Stove
Pickled supplement Dill Pill
Hot work Boil Toil
Primate fruit Ape Grape
Split accumulation Clove Trove
Naughty flatware Goon Spoon
Name of path thru veggie garden Beet Street
Murky oxidation Mire Fire
Angry oxidation Ire Fire
Oxidation singers Fire Choir
Paid oxidation Hire Fire
Syncopated via Beat Street
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