Measure? Who, ME???
Cookie recipes always have exact amounts of the various ingredients spelled out. Heck, been there, done that! BUT - not for quite a while! Trying to lose weight, you see. I even gave my electric mixer to my older granddaughter a few years ago. All I have now is one of those hand whisks. So it's been quite a while since I made any cookies.

I used to have an almost-photographic memory. Especially for memorizing Latin vocabulary on the bus on the way to school. Sigh, apparently not any more! Today I got the urge to make some cookies - well, it started out that I wanted to make some pancakes for lunch. So I got out the Einkorn flour - an ancient wheat relative that usually doesn't cause gluten-sensitive people any troubles.

Into the dry ingredients bowl I measured out a cup of flour - loosely speaking. More or less. To that I added about half a teaspoon - or maybe it was a whole teaspoon - of baking powder. The salt mill was empty, so I discarded any thought of adding a pinch of salt to the dry ingredients.

Finally I added what I considered would be enough cinnamon and less of ginger. Then I discovered that I no longer have a sifter! Aha - memory kicked into gear and I remembered that the sifter was as old as this house, so last year, being 52 years old, it had to be "retired". But I did have a fairly large strainer with the right sized mesh. OK, that problem solved.

Now for the wet mixture. Start with an extra large egg (hey, that's the only size I use these days!) And mixed it with that whisk. Then I opened a can of organic coconut milk. It had only about half the amount of liquid as usual. So I mixed the whole can and then poured about a cup of the thick liquid into the egg and mixed that well. Finally added half a teaspoon of vanilla.

I tackled pouring the wet mix into the dry mix and then carefully and gently mixing them together. Hum. Way too thick to make pancakes. Added another cup of coconut milk. Still way too thick. OK, so cookies it is - maybe. OK. Set the oven to 350 - at least I remembered that! The dough was like fairly sticky biscuit dough - too sticky to roll out. Sooo, I used a 2-T scoop. I had 10 sticky glumps on the cookie sheet. (glumps are worse than glops)

Oven up to temperature, so in went the "cookies" on the sheet. OK, now to set the timer. Well, let's try 8 minutes! So I set the timer for that and then washed the bowls and cleaned up my mess - only to look at the timer. It still said 8 minutes! Assuming that my wash job took 5 minutes, I reset the time to 3 minutes.

Checked the "cookies." They had a ways to go. 3 more minutes. And then 3 more minutes - I think I did that 2 more times. By this time I figured I was up to 20 minutes or so! One of the "cookies" grabbed the toothpick and wouldn't let go! OK, 8 more minutes!

Finally! I put the "cookies" onto a rack to cool - and then remembered I hadn't added anything in the way of a SWEETENER!

Sigh! So raid the fridge for strawberry jam and cream cheese. You know, that was pretty good - smear enough jam or cheese on those cookies-turned-into - uh - whatever! I ate 5 of them and then saved the rest of the next time - probably a bedtime snack!

So that's my tail/tale of how I created the world's first Floopies! "FLO" for Flo plus "OOPies" for oops! So now, do you think I can open my own bakery?

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