A Poem by Florence W Deems

Here grows -

A thousand-petaled lotus* budded tightly,
Immaturity, waiting for the growth-inducing
Cosmic Light to penetrate brightly
The outer sepals, stimulating its unfolding.

Alas -

The clouds of adversity--character's perversity -
Scud across the experiential sky, obscu4ing
The Divine Light; the many-splendored tapestry
Of unfolding must await the morrow.

But hark -

Low on the horizon are appearing
Clouds with celestial silver linings, signaling
The sepulchral storm is breaking, clearing;
Soon now the unfoldment will be-coming.

* From antiquity, the thousand-petalled lotus has been a symbol for the human crown chakra, an energy center located at the top of our heads and through which we receive spiritual energies from The Source. When a person attains enlightenment, it is said that each of the thousand energetic "petals" of this chakra will connect him to a different dimension of reality.

FWD 08/31/1977 ~ © 2003

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