a poem by Florence W Deems

When Adam's Rib went out to play,
She strolled in the Garden called Eden one day.
As she came up to this tree, you see,
A serpent hissed, "Pay attention to me."

"I have an apple, so fresh and red,
Here, Eve, have a bite," the serpent said.
"It's forbidden to eat, but the apple I crave,"
Said Eve as into temptation she gave.

So Eve bit the apple with great haste
And made sure that Adam had a taste.
But when they ate of the apple that day,
From the Garden fair they were shown the way.

Then outside the Garden, man's innocence shamed,
Thus man o'er the years his woman has blamed.
Now, knowledge is structured in consciousness -
That's why of this tale we've made such a mess!

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