Aussie Slang

Compiled by
Florence W. Deems

Taken from Joe McNally's Blog, entry, May 28, 2012. And supplemented from the online Australian Slang Dictionary. Please do go read Joe's blog entry, as it's a lot more hilarious than just these definitions. And if you're going to travel "Down Under," you may need to print out the Aussie slang dictionary - Google also lists a pdf file, which may be easier to print.

"G’day" = Good day, pronounced as one word: g'die.

"Going to the footy" = going to a rugby game.

"Wanker" = just a tosser; general insult, such as loser, uncool.

"Cat piss" = beer, in general, but more specifically the Foster's brand beer; "Sinking the piss" = drinking a lot of beer; American slang: "Two-pot screamer" = "two-can commando" = one who can't/doesn't drink more than a can or two.

"Take the kids to the pool" = go to the lavatory (from a man's point of view, I assume).

"Liquid laugh" = upchucking, a.k.a. American slang: "Technicolor yawn" or "a long talk with the big white telephone."

"Tight Ass Tuesdays" = half-off movie tickets (day of week depends on the theater).

"Big Banana" and "Big Merino" and "Big Prawn" = huge statues of said fruit/animals.

"Absolutely bangin'" = the size of something like the Big Merino's testicles.

"Kangaroos loose in the top paddock" = foolish, loopy. Equivalent to the American slang: "One or two fries short of a happy meal" or "One sandwich short of a picnic" or "He didn't drink from the fountain of knowledge, he only gargled".

"Absolutely wrapped" = pleased, entertained greatly.

"Whinge" or "Having a right good whinge" = whining, complaining.

"Holy dooley!" = My goodness!

"Bogan" = one who is poorly dressed.

"Pash" = passionate kiss - which could lead to "rooting."

"Fair squeeze on the sauce bottle" also "You've got tickets on yourself, mate!" also "Figjam" (as a nickname) = giving it a good try; or keeping too much for yourself.

"Chucking a sickie" = stay home from work without being sick.

"Budgie smugglers" = men's swimming trunks - equivalent to American slang - "banana hammock"

"Bush oyster" = product of blowing one's nose (men's snot).

"Journo" = journalist; "Ambo" = ambulance driver; "Garbo" = garbage collector.

"Flat out like a lizard drinking" or "Cat burying shit" = really, really busy.

"Bit of a bludger" = lazy, good for nothing.

"Yakka" = work (noun).

"Brekkie" = breakfast.

"London to a brick" = absolute certainty.

"Trackie daks" = track suit pants.

"Sunnies" = sunglasses.

"Yabbering a fair bunch" = talking a lot.

"Hooroo!" = goodbye.

"That’s the fair dinkum (truth)" = genuine (truth).

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