What Else-Peppercorns & Basil!

By Florence W Deems

This very simple mix has so many uses and is easy to prepare. You'll need to have an empty glass jar or other airtight container for storage.

  1. 2 Parts dried Basil.

  2. 2 Parts dried Thai Basil - has a different flavor. If you can't get it, just substitute 2 more Parts of the regular dried Basil.

  3. 1 Part green Peppercorns.

  4. 1 Part red/pink Peppercorns - these are from a different plant not related to the true Piper nigra. If you can't get this, substitute another Part of green or white Peppercorns.

  5. 1 Part sea salt.

  6. 1/2 Part Juniper Berries (they can be found in the spice rack of your store).

Put all ingredients into a spice mill or a coffee mill. Grind to a fine consistency. Store in a tightly capped bottle.

This mixture is excellent added to bean dishes made with mild-flavored beans.

Sprinkle over pork, chicken, fish or seafood or add to the breading mix before baking or frying.

Add to sour cream for baked potatoes.

You might like it added to macaroni & cheese, especially if you also add tomatoes.

Add to butter to spread on garlic bread.

Add to biscuit dough to make savory biscuits.

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