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From time to time you will wish to know what your computer's DNS (Domain Name Server) number code is.

To read about the most serious virus attack of 2012, and what to do about it, please go to this page and read the article. There are hot links in this article that will take you to other pages to help you determine whether your computer is infected. The diagnostic page's link is in the paragraph right below this one.

But first you will need to know your computer's DNS (Domain Name Server) number. Look below at the very last line on this page and you will see 4 sets of numbers separated by periods. Copy these numbers plus the periods and then take them to the FBI's diagnostic page. Paste your DNS numbers into the box and the tool will tell you whether your computer is infected. Go to this code page to get the Javascript which you can put on a page and save. This way you'll always have access to your DNS, even if you change computers and/or host servers.

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